“Everyone has creativity. You just experienced it in different ways. Hampstead crafter publishes sixth book. – Baltimore Sun

Amy Latta has always been a creative person. Growing up in Carroll County, she made a variety of crafts with her ‘very crafty mother’ and then sold them at craft shows at local venues such as the Ag Center in Westminster.

“I did a little sample of everything,” said Latta, who now lives in Hampstead.

One of Latta’s favorite creative outlets has always been handwriting. She taught herself to do “old-fashioned calligraphy”, which requires special pens, but was soon drawn to hand lettering, also known as modern calligraphy, or as she l call it, “false calligraphy”.

Requiring only regular markers or pens, hand lettering surged in popularity in 2015, Latta said.

“I loved how it looked and thought of ways to use it in home decor,” Latta said. “I looked around to see what it was like to do it myself and there was really very little.”

Seeing the potential, Latta learned all she could about hand lettering and began publishing her lessons and working on her DIY websiteOne Artsy Mama, which she launched in 2011.

“People were really excited about it,” Latta said. “I have a deal to do handwriting books, like adult coloring books.”

Five hand-lettering books later, Latta, a former English teacher and mother of two, has made a career in the art of hand-lettering, hosting workshops, TV spots and traveling around the country to demonstrate the art.

“It’s a pleasure to be my own boss. I can explore my own creativity,” Latta said. “Nobody tells me what to do.”

Latta’s sixth book was released in February and Brook-Owen Real Estate in Westminster held a book signing event on March 19.

Unlike his other books, “Practice Makes Progress, My Creative Journal” is not about hand lettering, but rather a crafting journal.

“I wanted to do something a little different that appeals to all creatives,” Latta said.

For the book, Latta chose 25 creation quotes and built a chapter around each one. Each chapter features an illustration, thoughts on what it means, and an open prompt where users can write, draw, or create whatever comes to mind.

“People tell me, ‘You’re so creative, I wish I could be,’ and it’s so sad,” Latta said. “Everyone has creativity. You just experience it in different ways.

An alumnus of McDaniel College, Latta was originally scheduled to celebrate the release of her college book until snow canceled the event. The school was unable to reschedule him, and Latta scrambled to find another location.

“All these people were coming, including my editor, who I never met,” Latta said. “This is my first book launch.”

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Latta contacted his friends at Brook-Owen Real Estate in Westminster. Latta had designed the company logo.

For Latta, the ability to share his creative ideas with others is a blessing.

“The biggest compliment I get from other people is when they share pictures of things they’ve done,” Latta said. “I gave them something. Their life is better.

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