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December 15, 2021

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Erewhon embarks on the clothing game

Erewhon may be all Angeleno’s go-to supplier of $ 24 macrobiotic treats and smoothies, but lately Southern California’s diet mainstay has shifted from organic grocery to organic clothing. Earlier this week, the brand announced a limited edition collection of hoodies and sweatpants made from locally sourced organic French sponge in three soft colors. “In creating this collection, we have thought about what Erewhon stands for,” said Alec Antoci, co-designer of the collection and son of owners Joséphine and Tony Antoci. GQ. “It’s more than a marketplace providing the highest quality ingredients to our customers, it’s a way of life that people embody and live. This collection is an extension of that belief.

This is not the first time that Erewhon has experimented with clothing. When marketing firm Pizzaslime showcased a fake Erewhon product that quickly went viral in 2018 after being spotted on celebrities like Jonah Hill, Antoci ditched a one-off collection which, as expected, also sold out quickly. And stay tuned for more: He plans to continue releasing seasonal drops in small batches and capsule collections throughout the year with “mission aligned partners.”

A Parisian hotel with an artist’s studio aesthetic

Located on the left bank, Hotel of Academies and Arts channels the spirit of the Belle Époque when the building housed the studios of influential artists Modigliani and Fujita. The nascent Parisian studio Lizée-Hugot imbued every corner of the property with artistic energy. The 20 sober rooms are a nod to Van Gogh’s famous representation of his humble dormitories, Bedroom, with cream-colored walls, trowel plaster, early 1900s-style checkerboard bathrooms, and bespoke furnishings such as knotty oak headboards and stained bed benches.

Half of the bedrooms and the hall ceiling are adorned with pastel frescoes by Franck Lebraly, a tribute to cubism and surrealism, accentuated by the black and bronze greens of the velvet sofa in the living room. A workshop on the ground floor takes up the design language of the artist’s studio and gives it meaning. There, guests and students from the Academy of the Arts across the street playfully paint, watch screenings, and whip up cocktails from the Honesty Bar.

The UK’s first digital art gallery will open with a NASA-inspired piece by Refik Anadol.

After making waves at Miami Art Week with Mechanical hallucinations – Coral dreams (2021) projected on the seafront thanks to the NFT platform Aorist, Refik Anadol brings this popular immersive art to the UK. The Turkish artist has teamed up with NASA to create Machine memories: space, which uses artificial intelligence to reimagine two million publicly accessible images of space taken by satellites, telescopes and the International Space Station. When it opens in April, the experience will inaugurate the Reel Store, a new gallery in Coventry set to become the UK’s first permanent space dedicated to interactive digital art.

The 2022 edition of the Armory Show will focus primarily on Latin American and Latin American art.

For the next edition of the New York Art Fair in the fall, its organizers are planning a special program around Latin American and Latin American art overseen by three leading curators. Mari Carmen Ramírez, Director of MFA Houston, to host annual Conservative Leadership Summit; Ostrander, assistant curator for Latin American art at Tate, will oversee the Platform section; Acevedo Yates, curator at MOCA Chicago, plans the Focus section of the fair on individual presentations. “As a New York Fair, we have a responsibility to deliver presentations that reflect the city we live in and those who make up the city,” said Nicole Berry, executive director of the fair. ArtNews. “We want to engage directly with the city’s diverse landscape and recognize, this year in particular, the vast achievements of Latin American and Latin American artists, whether in New York or elsewhere.”

Beauty giant Glossier is opening its London flagship store in Covent Garden’s oldest building.

In the wake of the brick and mortar openings in Seattle and LA beauty brand DTC Glossier jumped across the pond to open its first international flagship store in London. Occupying the bones of the oldest townhouse in the Covent Garden district, interiors balance the original details of historic 17th-century structures with the brand’s modern design language, including a candy-pink round bench, a ‘G’ emblem »Silvery scribbled in calligraphy, and a beauty area set up in sweet pink and brown tones.

Chanel appoints Leena Nair, former head of human resources at Unilever, as global CEO of the French brand.

Although she may be a fashion outsider, Leena nair has been appointed Chanel’s new Global Managing Director after spending three decades at Unilever focusing on culture and human resources. His appointment follows a host of changes in the management of the French house following the death of Karl Lagerfeld in 2019 and perhaps marks a new chapter for the brand as it tries to modernize its corporate culture. According to Anne Raphaël, an executive search specialist, bringing responsible values ​​to employee management is “today a major concern for all luxury groups. It is not enough today to be a desirable brand; it’s what is behind the brand – the people, the values ​​- that also counts.

Major transit projects are advancing in New York City thanks to the infrastructure bill.

On Monday, elected officials announced their intention to complete the overhaul of John F. Kennedy Airport and improve commuter train service with new stations and tunnel repairs. The projects had been planned for years but were disrupted by the pandemic and lack of funding. Thanks to the $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill signed by President Biden last month, these projects are finally back on track. They include extending Metro-North access to Penn Station in Manhattan and repairing tunnels under the East River damaged nearly a decade ago by Hurricane Sandy. While repairs are expected to take several years, Amtrak and the transportation authority aim to make as much progress as possible before traffic fully rebounds and more workers start returning to the office.

A $ 300,000 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT accidentally sold for $ 3,000 after a small typo.

An owner of a very valuable Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT has done a big poo. Max, username maxnaut, suffered a big finger error when he mistakenly listed his bored monkey for 0.75 ether instead of 75 ether (about $ 300,000), or one hundredth of the expected price. For the uninitiated, the Bored Ape Yacht Club is a collection of 10,000 NFTs, each depicting a monkey with different visual traits and attributes, whose collectors include famous names like Jimmy Fallon, Steph Curry, and Post Malone. ” How did it go ? Lack of focus, I guess, ”he said. CNET. “I list a lot of items every day and just wasn’t paying attention properly.”

For the first time ever, every costume from HBO Unsafe was conceived by a black woman.

Fans of the Emmy-winning HBO show Unsafe, a series that celebrates black femininity, applaud a milestone in episode seven: every element of every costume has been conceived by a black woman. The episode’s plot, in which best friends Issa, Molly, Kelly and Tiffany spend a day and a night befriending each other, made it the perfect moment, say costume designer Shiona Turini and executive producer and screenwriter Amy Aniobi. “I thought it might be really interesting to dedicate an episode so focused on this friendship to celebrate black women and make it a truly intentional experience,” Turini said during a joint Zoom call with Aniobi.

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