Destination Hamburg: Montblanc Haus inspires writing

Luxury lifestyle brand Mont Blanc means a lot to a lot of people, with a lot of overlap among its avid fans. For some pen enthusiasts, it is the home of their high-end collections: a legendary company offering exquisite limited editions in defined assortments, such as High Artistry or Writers editions. For others, it’s a well-known German writing instrument company with over a century of expertise that provides beautiful pens for everyday writing enjoyment.

But above all – and according to its own definition – Montblanc is a source of inspiration, carrying the perspective of discovering oneself and the world through the power of the handwritten word.

Montblanc House

Montblanc’s latest adventure, Montblanc House, which officially opened last week, is a cutting-edge testament to the company’s commitment to writing. Located next to its Hamburg headquarters, the museum is an interactive study of the many facets of Montblanc’s 116-year history. And it invites pen lovers or the simply curious to be part of something bigger – something integral to our humanity – as it looks back to the successes of the past while celebrating the promise of the future. .

“Every part of the Haus exudes writing,” says Nicolas Baretzki, CEO of Montblanc, of the three-story, 3,600 square meter building, attractively constructed in the shape of a writing instrument box Montblanc.

“We envisioned a special home for the art of writing, a place where people could discover or rediscover the incredible power of handwriting and the creativity, imagination and emotion it unleashes by everyone,” he explained of the project conceived about five years ago. .

The Haus offers a number of permanent exhibitions, including an extensive archive (visits by appointment), which would be the perfect place for a pen enthusiast to spend an afternoon – or a month – poring over historic pens, advertisements, letters and other fascinating curiosities from the past.

“The Montblanc Haus has allowed us to discover treasures from our archives that we can’t wait to share with the world,” said Vincent Montalescot, Executive Vice President of Marketing. He adds that this space is dedicated to all the incredible stories that have been written over time, including those yet to be written.

Other themed galleries include an autograph library with 30 handwritten notes spanning time and talent – ​​from Ernest Hemingway to Spike Lee – where visitors can leave their own mark via a digital guestbook. Glass display cases house a wonderful selection of limited editions and High Artistry pieces in the Collections section, while Legacy and Vision tell the story of Montblanc through the iconic Meisterstück. Artfully presented pen designs, accessory hardware and more demonstrate Montblanc’s avant-garde chic and use of avant-garde advertising throughout its history.

The power of writing and creativity is evident everywhere, from the “handwriting on the wall” to a corner designed for visitors to write and send postcards anywhere in the world. Commissioned artworks demonstrating the pen’s undoubted influence include Studio Marianne Guély’s dramatic paper sculpture suspended inside the building’s dome and art by Parisian artist Wendy Andreu fashioned from hand-dyed wool. the ink that welcomes visitors upon their arrival. Even the Haus’ neutral-walled interior makes a statement, acting as a counterpoint to the museum’s dark exterior to convey Montblanc’s signature colors of black and white.

Visitors can enjoy a range of classes, including calligraphy and creative writing, in the writing studio, and art opportunities for students and young adults are on the schedule.

Destination Hamburg

Montblanc Haus is accessible to the public, near and far, and with summer travel around the corner, its opening is fortuitous. Reservations can be made in line.

Baretzki’s invitation is clear and heartfelt: “We hope that Montblanc Haus will become a significant landmark for Hamburg, a city so important to Montblanc’s history and identity, and that local communities and far-flung visitors can discover and enjoy.

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