Community: 10 Best Parody Episodes, Ranked

Community is an American sitcom created by Dan Harmon. Community centers around a study group, formed by a sleazy lawyer named Jeff Winger. The group is formed so that Jeff can get close to a girl (Britta), but over time the group forms a close bond. Their adventures are bizarre and wacky considering they are confined to a community college. Through consistent use of pop culture, homages and parodies, a truly unique and underrated show emerges.

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Although the main characters have their own problems and flaws, Community overall doesn’t take itself too seriously. Community mixes hilarious humor with countless references. Entire episodes even take on a different shape sometimes, in terms of design, structure, and storytelling.

ten Basic rocket science makes chicken-themed space sim feel authentic

Basic Rocket Science Community Episode Study Group Prepares for Space Simulation

Community has found its way into a multitude of different genres and films over the years. Basic rocket science pays homage to the infamous 1995 space adventure film, Apollo 13.

The study group is tasked with cleaning a space flight simulator as Greendale organizes a simulated space launch. Things quickly go awry when Pierce inadvertently closes the door and they are trapped inside. Basic rocket science sees the group attempt to overcome various obstacles to escape, while being in a simulator with hilariously blatant KFC product placement. It’s another outrageous movie spoof, with the group emerging victorious.

9 Basic interfessional numismatics is an episode of intense detective thriller

Community Episode Basic Intergluteal Numismatics Jeff and Annie

Basic interfessional numismatics sees the return of an unidentified prankster. Jeff and Annie conduct an investigation to find out who could be the culprit. Inspired by crime thrillers such as Zodiac, Hannibal and The slaughter, the episode is gripping and intense – despite the silly nature of the events that unfold.

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With a few twists, including the final note that the “criminal” is still at large, the culprit could be any of the main or supporting characters. Amidst the bizarre intensity of Basic interfessional numismatics, Pierce is dead, adding a dark note. This is often the case in these detective films and series the day after an intense confrontation.

8 Epidemiology Somehow Makes a Zombie Outbreak Plausible

Epidemiology Community Episode Study Group

While Community likes its parodies and homages, most of the time they are based on realistic believability. Epidemiology ditches credibility and dives headfirst into the zombie apocalypse trope.

What begins as a Halloween party on campus descends into chaos when people start getting sick after allegedly eating old military rations. The disease begins to spread like an epidemic of zombies. The disease passes itself off as food poisoning or rabies. The ridiculousness of Epidemiology ends with the army arriving to settle the final details and erase everyone’s memories.

seven Cooperative calligraphy is a self-aware bottle episode

Community bottle episode.

A “bottle episode” is essentially an episode made with money in mind. To achieve this, these episodes are often shot in the same location to reduce production costs and feature the regular cast. TV shows such as breaking Bad have been known to use bottle episodes, as in Fly.

Community has a few episodes with minimal locale changes and special effects. Cooperative calligraphy actively refers to a bottle episode. Cooperative calligraphy takes place in the study room. Annie loses a pen and a mass argument ensues. The episode knows what it is, which makes it even more compelling.

6 Contemporary American Poultry Is the Mafia Tribute We Didn’t Know We Need

Contemporary American Poultry Jeff and Abed

Contemporary American Poultry is essentially a love letter to mafia films such as The Godfather in its overall style and storytelling. Abed recounting events makes it a clear tribute to Freedmen, where Ray Liotta’s Henry Hill provided the same.

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Contemporary American poultry sees the study group’s plot to overthrow Starburns to ensure they get the first picks of chicken fingers on the cafeteria menu. They slowly become consumed by power and popularity. Abed becomes the group’s new leader, which triggers Jeff’s insecurities. It marks the beginning of the end as he tries to end the effort.

5 Critical Film Studies has two clear cinematic inspirations and brings them together

Episode Critical Film Studies Community Jeff and Abed at dinner

Critical film studies is full of cinematic references and homages, the main ones being pulp Fiction and My dinner with André. The study group plans a surprise birthday party for Abed with a pulp Fiction theme.

Community takes a turn when Abed doesn’t go with Jeff but instead insists on having a real talk – as the episode cuts to My dinner with André. From themes to pulp Fiction costumes, both films are perfectly represented in Critical film studies. This is a testimonial from director Richard Ayoade.

4 Basic Lupine Urology is a Love Letter to Law & Order

Basic episode of Lupine Urology from Community Annie and Jeff work on the case

Basic Lupine Urology does not hesitate to pay blatant homage to Law and order. Not only is the opening title sequence revamped in the style of crime drama, but Lupine’s Basic Urologythe title is a play on Dick Wolf, the creator of Law and order.

In truth Community fashion, Basic Lupine Urology is brilliantly above. It focuses on someone ruining yams that were for a biology project, with an ensuing investigation. From the story to the irresistible impromptu trial, Basic Lupine Urology finds the perfect blend of hilarity and crime drama intensity.

3 For a few paintballs, plus keeps the momentum of the paintball theme but takes it to Star Wars

Troy covered in orange paint.

Community often played with silly games that break out around the Greendale College campus. He gives Community the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to various action films. The final two episodes of Season 2 do just that – by For a few more paintballs is a star wars parody.

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For a few more paintballs is led by Abed taking on the character of Han Solo. City College infiltrates Greendale with Stormtrooper lookalikes, giving the game of paintball a transition from a free game to a team contest.

2 A Fistful of Paintballs is an Outstanding Western Episode

Jeff, Abed, and Annie holding Western-style paintball guns.

A handful of paintballs is the first part of the second season finale and has a distinct western theme. Troy’s outfit pays homage to Bart from Blazing Saddles, and there’s an overall cowboy aesthetic and demeanor. The western style is further enhanced by the introduction of Josh Holloway’s character, the Black Rider.

The Western reversal Community depicts the study group’s ongoing problems with Pierce. The rocky alliance followed by Pierce’s betrayal, and the cowboy-style duel between Pierce and Annie make him one of the Community’the best parodies. A handful is also one of the most popular Community episodes of all time.

1 Modern Warfare is a collection of action movies and their greatest hits

Jeff jumping out of a green paint splattered room

modern warfare is often considered the best episode of Community. The level of chaos caught fans off guard, but in a great way. It pays homage to a multitude of action films, die hard and Rambo, at The Warriors and scarface.

Initiation to paintball reminds 28 days later. Jeff comes out of his nap in his car, to see the campus in its almost post-apocalyptic state. Without focusing on a single film, the chaos of multiple references colliding could easily be considered a mess. However, the parodies of quotes and action sequences are close to perfect. Chang’s introduction to the game with a scarface-as the entrance is iconic in itself.

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