Calligraphy pens: 11 of the best

Many of us have embraced new hobbies and interests like running and knitting have increased tenfold after being stuck at home for months.

A somewhat more specialized hobby that people are interested in is calligraphy.

Calligraphy has become popular as people want to learn the skill in order to create their own notes and invitations and save money in the process.

The craft has also been credited with helping relieve anxiety and stress, as it forces your mind to focus on one task and gives your eyes a much needed break from screens.

Calligrapher and author of Modern brush lettering, said Becki Clark Prima: “Calligraphy is a fun and relaxing craft to learn that can transform craft projects with a new level of personalization.

“Because of its repetitive nature, calligraphy is a great way to practice mindfulness while exploring your creativity with just a few materials. Once you are sure of yourself, you can create countless personalized cards, gift tags. , place names or combine your calligraphy with other crafts! “

Beginners are often shocked, according to Becki, at how they can progress with their lettering in just two hours of the workshop. She said: “Personally I appreciate the fact that you only need a pen and paper and you can get lost in practicing calligraphy for hours, it’s addicting once you get it. started and I like how more and more the practice develops my own style “

If you want to learn calligraphy but don’t know where to start, the first step is to invest in the right equipment. A good calligraphy pen will make all the difference in your writing.

Becki said, “I recommend you go to your local art store or your hobby and try out a few pens, you want your pen to be flexible, responsive to pressures, and comfortable to use.

Also think about what you want to use it for, maybe it is wedding stationery, so think about what color pen you want, there is a great selection of color pens, so think about what you plan to create before you buy! “

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned calligrapher looking for new tools, we’ve rounded up some of the best calligraphy pens on the market to buy right now.

Those in need of inspiration can also check out more of Becki’s work on her website.

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