Calligraphy contest attracts students and teachers

LAHORE: As part of the ongoing Sarir-e Khama (Art of the Pen) lecture at the Punjab University College of Art and Design in Lahore, the fourth day was marked with a calligraphy workshop.

A large number of people from different walks of life, teachers and students attended the workshop to learn calligraphy from national and international masters of this unique art form. Two workshop sessions were organized for the participants. Head teacher Dr Sumera Jawad gave the welcome speech and renowned calligrapher Prof Irfan Qureshi briefed the audience on important aspects of the workshop and guided them on the preparation of traditional pen and ink, different types calligraphy papers and various letters. Efdaluddin Kilic, a calligrapher from Turkey, informed the participants about three major writing styles including Al-Raqa, Diwani, Thulth. Iranian calligraphers Kazim Khorasani and Mehsa Divaci introduced the participants to the Iranian Nasta’liq. The conference and workshop will continue until today (Saturday).

UVAS: The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) is an active participant in the 2022 National Horse & Cattle Show. UVAS Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Nasim Ahmad attended the inaugural ceremony and toured the the university where various dairy products and meats (flavored milk, cheese, butter and cuts of meat) were displayed for the attraction of the general public. Speaking on the occasion, the VC said such activities boost the livestock sector and the national economy.

Meanwhile, Secretary of Punjab Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development Department Naveed Haider Sherazi as well as General Managers (Extension) of Animal Husbandry of Punjab and South Punjab also visited the booth. The Livestock Secretary said he was happy to see UVAS producing dairy products of such quality. As part of the National Horse & Cattle Show 2022, UVAS in conjunction with the Government of Punjab organized a dog show at its City Campus sports ground. All dog breeds participated in the show.

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