BIC Intensity Fineliner vs Paper Mate Flair Pens: Which Felt is Better?

Comparison of BIC Intensity Fineliner to Paper Mate Flair

For those who like to write by hand, there’s nothing like a good pen to give their calligraphy a little boost. Although cursive handwriting is no longer a compulsory part of current study programs, and the art of handwriting is a lesser part of our world due to digitization, the novelty of a good pen is still relevant.

While ballpoint pens are the norm and calligraphy pens have a strong niche, the bolder quality of colored felt-tip pens is often the preferred choice for teaching, drawing, journaling, scheduling, and making. notes. Two of the most popular felts on the market are the BIC Intensity Fineliner and the Paper Mate Flair. Below, you can learn more about each of them to help you find the perfect felt-tip pen for your needs.

What to know when buying markers

Unlike other pens, the tip of a felt-tip pen is made of a soft material, which means it can be damaged much more easily than a ballpoint pen. For those with a heavy writing style, this can be a problem, as the nib can break or fray. It’s best to find a felt-tip pen with a harder point that doesn’t feel “scratched”. In general, the finer the point, the less smooth it will write.

The nib sizes vary between felts and their nib sizes are not standard for different brands. The Paper Mate Flair pens have more dot sizes than the BIC Intensity Fineliner pens, although they both share the very fine 0.4 millimeter size. The finer tip sizes of the two markers are in a similar range of mechanical pencils, while the medium and original sizes of both are more in line with a ballpoint pen.

One of the best things about markers is the boldness of their color palettes. The markers are designed in an unlimited number of colors, as many colors as there are markers. If you are buying markers, you are probably looking for a pen with a pop color.

Due to their similarities to markers, markers share the problem of colors piercing through paper. Markers that don’t bleed easily are at the top of the list for this reason.

Drying speed of a felt

Another common problem with felts is the speed of drying. Like markers, markers sometimes spread across the page if brushed from the side of your hand, a frustrating fact for many, especially if you’re left-handed. The ability to dry quickly is a high priority for a felt-tip pen.

BIC Intensity Fineliner Markers

BIC Intensity Fineliner markers are available in up to 20 colors, with a fine 0.4 millimeter tip and a medium tip of 1 millimeter. They are presented in black barrels with colored lids and an artistic touch at the ends. Smaller or monochrome sets can cost between $ 5 and $ 10, and larger sets can cost between $ 15 and $ 20, with the larger and more expensive fetching $ 30.

The pros of BIC Intensity Fineliner

  • These pens are water based and will not bleed through the page.
  • Up to 20 different colors are offered in a pack.
  • They are less expensive than other markers, providing more pens for your money.

Cons of BIC Intensity Fineliner pens

  • They come in just two stitch sizes.
  • Their color is not as bold as expected.
  • Some colors may stain.
  • The hardness of the nib is somewhat “scratched”.

Best BIC Intensity Fineliner Marker Set

BIC Intensity Fineliner Fine and Medium pens, assorted colors, pack of 32: available at Amazon

For the complete BIC Intensity Fineliner experience, this 32 point set includes 20 colors in 0.4mm format and 12 colors in 1mm format for a reasonable price.

Paper Mate Flair Markers

The Paper Mate Flair felt pens are available in four tip sizes: ultra fine 0.4 millimeter, medium 0.7 millimeter, original 1 millimeter and fat 1.2 millimeter. The variety of colors and packs make this the go-to felt tip pen for many. Small sets range from $ 5 to $ 10, with large sets hovering around $ 20.

The pros of Paper Mate Flair pens

  • You can find up to 24 different colors in one pack.
  • Four different stitch sizes are offered for you to make thin or thick lines.
  • The pens are available in a variety of bright colors and novelty sets and have a range of features.
  • The playmaker prevents fraying.
  • They dry quickly and are water based; the color will not pass through.

Cons of Paper Mate Flair pens

  • More expensive than some competitors.
  • Simple barrel and general appearance.

Flair Best Paper Mate Marker Pen Set

Paper Mate Flair Marker Pens, Assorted Colors, 24-Pack: Available at Amazon

This full set of 24 stitches in the popular 0.7mm dot size is the perfect way to add color to your writing at a fair price.

Should you get BIC Intensity Fineliners or Paper Mate Flairs?

Ultimately, Paper Mate Flair felts are still the benchmark, even though there are competitors like BIC Intensity Fineliners. The slightly higher price tag of Paper Mate pens is worth it for the more vivid colors, writing comfort, and reliability on paper.

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