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Buying guide for wedding welcome signs

Beach wedding wooden welcome table sign with romantic words welcoming at the destination wedding ceremony.
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Why buy a wedding welcome sign?

You may not consider them the most crucial part of planning or decorating a wedding, but a wedding welcome sign serves both an important functional purpose and a decorative purpose. It’s a great way to “greet” your guests upfront and thank them for coming to the wedding, because you and your future spouse will be too busy getting ready and taking photos to welcome everyone personally to the wedding. their arrival. They help set the mood for the day and can be used to share any additional information, like the day’s itinerary, with your guests. Wedding panels are also very decorative, another detail that enhances the look and style of your wedding.

What should you look for in a wedding welcome sign?

  • Cut: You’ll probably want a fairly large wedding welcome sign, as it’s meant to grab your guests’ attention and be read by them. Bigger is not always better; a wedding welcome sign will do you no good if it doesn’t fit in the allotted space. 16×20 inches, 18×24 inches, and 24×36 inches are some of the most common sizes, so you can’t go wrong with these options if you’re unsure. Most wedding welcome signs are placed on a stand or table at the entrance to the ceremony, although there are also large freestanding models. Also consider how much information you plan to put on the wedding welcome sign. If you want to print the route or all day directions, you’ll probably need a larger sign than if you plan to put “welcome” and your names.
  • Type: There is of course the classic wooden or pinboard sign, but there are many other options. Transparent acrylic panels, calligraphy boards, panels with interchangeable letters, tapestries or banners, panels that also serve as guest books, blackboards, decals, paintings, portraits or photos, mirrors, even balloons; the list continues. Think about what type of sign you and your spouse would prefer or best suit your wedding theme and whether you want to reuse the sign for another event.
  • Design: Several factors play into the design of a sign, such as the shape, thickness, decorative accents, minimalist writing style, and whether the overall look matches the aesthetic of your wedding day.

What is the best material for a wedding welcome sign?

It will depend a bit on your theme and decorations; a rustic farmhouse-style sign can look out of place at a beach wedding. Acrylic, wood, paper, canvas, and fabric are the most common material choices for wedding signs. Acrylic is a popular choice because it’s versatile and can go with any wedding style, but it’s not the most eco-friendly or economical choice. The wood is durable, fairly inexpensive, and can be stained or painted almost any color you want if you don’t mind the extra work. Paper and canvas are ideal if you want graphics or prints on your sign, although they require a bit of graphic design knowledge or cost a bit more money to have them done professionally. The fabric is great for a classic, elegant look, but it may not be as durable for outdoor weddings.

Our picks for the best wedding welcome signs

Best choice

whoaon Rustic Wooden Letter Board

The letters of this wedding sign can be changed at any time, allowing you to write the message you want and reuse it for other events.

Advantages: Made of felt with a lovely rustic wooden frame, this is a handy and reusable little wedding welcome sign. There’s no need to worry about misspellings or misprints; you can rearrange the letters and change the message at any time without paying extra money to reprint the whole sign on a small mistake. Over 400 pre-cut letters, numbers, characters and symbols are included with the sign which comes in two different color options and a mounting board which matches the wooden frame.

The inconvenients: At 10×10 inches in size, this wedding welcome sign is definitely smaller. A slightly larger size is available (12×16 inches), but both are smaller than average.

Conclusion : A nice little letter board option like this model is a good bet if you want to get your money’s worth with your wedding welcome sign. You can reuse it later for other events; it can be taken apart and reused for use at the bar or card table at the reception if desired.

The sentimental choice

Advantages: This product is both a wedding welcome sign and an alternative guest book; thanks to the removable back, you can print a sheet of paper or an image with your names, the start time of the ceremony, etc., and insert it into the frame. Then, when your guests enter, they’ll sign their names, write wishes on the wooden hearts, and place them in the frame. This sign is a versatile piece, but you can take it home after the wedding and display it on a table or hang it on the wall as an accent piece to remember your big day. And since the back is removable, you can rearrange the hearts however you like and replace the wedding sign with a different image.

The inconvenients: It’s a smaller panel (14.5×10.5 inches) and it doesn’t come with a stand, so you’ll have to put it on a table instead. Also keep in mind that depending on the number of guests attending your ceremony, if it fills up with enough wooden hearts, the sign’s message may be partially or entirely blocked off as more guests arrive.

Conclusion : It’s no secret that weddings are often expensive affairs, so if you’re looking for a way to save a little cash and check two tasks off your list with just one item, this cute little wedding sign is a great option. Since it doubles as a guestbook, you’re essentially getting two items for one price.

Best Custom Sticker

Advantages: This vinyl sticker style wedding welcome sign offers great customization options. Not only can you write your personalized message and choose your font and font size, but there are 10 possible sizes to choose from. Whether you want a large or a small wedding welcome sign, you should be able to choose an option that matches what you have in mind. There are also vertical decals, not just horizontal, in multiple sizes if you want a tall, narrow sign instead of the typical landscape pattern. And not only is the sticker quick and easy to apply to the desired surface, it’s waterproof and heat resistant, ideal for outdoor weddings, especially in areas with less predictable weather conditions.

The inconvenients: Note that this purchase only includes the vinyl lettering portion of the sign; no mirror or display board, or other base for the physical part of the sign – you will need to provide this and support yourself.

Conclusion : A vinyl wedding sign like this is a great option for those who aren’t sure what type of sign they plan to use or want to use a more unusual base material or sign in their ceremony. You will need to provide your base, but as long as you choose a flat, dry surface this decal will stick to any surface or material.

Best stylish option

Advantages: If you’re having trouble finding a wedding welcome sign that matches your theme or have some unusual wedding decorations, you can’t go wrong with this acrylic sign. You’ll be hard pressed to find a wedding theme that this sign doesn’t suit, especially since it comes in 12 different font and design styles. And it is durable enough for both outdoor and indoor use. Acrylic is thick and sturdy, not easy to bend or crack, UV resistant and waterproof, able to hold up well under various elements. The material is also stain resistant and the lettering is fade resistant, so this sign will look great no matter how far in advance you install it.

The inconvenients: This is a more expensive option, especially since no stand, easel, or frame comes with your purchase, so you’ll need to buy your own separately. There are also no alternate font colors or sizes to choose from.

Conclusion : Acrylic wedding welcome signs are a popular choice due to their versatility and durability, and this particular model is a great option in high quality acrylic. Whether you display it as is, frame it, or decorate it with garlands, flowers, ribbons, or greenery, this wedding welcome sign will fit effortlessly with the rest of your wedding decor. and will make a nice keepsake afterwards.

Best rustic choice

Advantages: If you’re planning a rustic themed wedding, you can’t go wrong with this poster-style wedding welcome sign. The pretty wood plank design printed with bright baubles and wildflower-like foliage will look lovely with any rustic and vintage wedding decorations, especially considering the panel’s bright, vibrant colors and attractive matte finish that won’t appear too shiny or shiny. If you want something a little different, there are a plethora of alternative styles to choose from, along with a range of other patterns and colors.

The inconvenients: It may require flattening before display. Keep in mind that 12×18 inches is your only size option and you will need to provide your own easel or stand and/or frame.

Conclusion : This wedding welcome sign will fit in perfectly with other rustic and vintage wedding decorations. Even better, you get a sign in a popular wedding design option without the higher price tag that tends to come with trends.

Final Thoughts

Although called “welcome signs”, they can be an extremely useful and stylish way to not only welcome wedding guests, but also convey other important information. Nobody wants any mix-ups or confusions on their wedding day, and a decorative and functional wedding welcome sign can help keep guests from getting lost or wandering into the wrong ceremony.

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