Art promoter Bhairavi Mistry tells the stories behind the artwork

Bhairavi Mistry.

Muhammad Yusuf, Feature Writer

Two exhibitions took place last month, which due to the circumstances were not discussed in time. But in the broader interest of Art, its promoters and passionate supporters everywhere, here is a roundup of events. Celestial took place at Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Center, Garhoud, Dubai (July 11-20) and Magnanimous took place at Manzil Downtown, Dubai (July 15-28). The first was opened by VIP guest Shaikh Awad Bin Mohammed Bin Sheikh Mejren, president of Emirates Travelers, with the The guest of honor being Abdulla Ali AlMubarak, President and Founder of Commercial Business Brokers.


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Bhairavi Mistry, who organized the shows, said his motivation was to promote emerging talent. In Celestial, “the works of art on display were inspired by spontaneous intuition and were naturally expressive and tenderly adorned with divine love,” she says.

“The language of art is of heavenly origin and can only be understood by the elect. The artist interprets artistic creation from a spiritual point of view to reflect the truth, virtues and beauty of heaven. “When you touch the heavenly in your heart, you will realize that the beauty of your soul is so pure and so vast, that you have no choice but to merge with it.

You have no choice but to feel the rhythm of the universe to the rhythm of your heart. Magnanimous comes from the Latin magnus “great” and animus “soul” – so it literally describes someone with a big heart. “An artist is magnanimous through his work; they make the spectator or the buyer happy. Artists are always great souls because through their creative works they interpret feelings of happiness, joy, bliss and the greater sense of giving, ”said Mistry. Since the exhibition took place on the occasion of Eid, the works of art have emphasized the feeling of ‘giving’. All the works presented in the exhibition reflected the theme. Bhairavi Mistry shares her stories with Gulf Today

artwork 2 The colors fly in this abstract work.

How do artists erase borders?

Through their works … because there is always a story behind a work. Artists from different cultures come together … erase borders through their works. An artist also creates emotional and moving bonds, through his works of art.

You have worked with artists of several nationalities. Was art alone enough to bring them together? Didn’t they themselves have borders and cultural baggage?

No, Art alone was enough to bring together different nationalities of artists. Even though there were different cultures, it was the way we connected. There was an emotional attachment to works of art that helped me and viewers to be more connected to the soul of artists, even though we were from different cultures.

After a painting ends at the frame, what makes its limits endless?

Completing a painting is just an eye-catcher! A work of art has infinite limits, which the artist has created for the viewer, through which he emotionally attaches to the work of art. An artist triggers the emotional and spiritual senses of the viewer through his work.

What attracts you to Middle Eastern art?

There are different things that attract me to Middle Eastern art like its different styles and shapes. Mostly, the traditional art form such as calligraphy helps to travel in the past.

Their art can be magnanimous, but artists can be mean. Comment.

No one is mean … the situation makes an artist mean, maybe. Art is so pure, it is always magnanimous. It always gives happiness to the viewer thanks to the creativity of the artist. This creates a feeling of happiness in the ambience where the artwork is placed.

Artists paint for a living and for glory, not for magnanimity. Comment.

Yes, artists paint for a living, but they’re also magnanimous. Their art gives happiness to the viewer and also to the buyer. I never pass judgment, because there is a story behind every artist.

What made you a professional art promoter?

Our family business consisted of wood carving artefacts started by my grandfather. So I always had a weakness for art from an early age. It’s a kind of hereditary thing, passed down from my grandfather to my father and then to me. My father, Suresh D Mistry, taught me to find inspiration in every moment of life. I learn art every day, every moment I travel. Everyone and everything should be an inspiration … it’s just that our souls have to connect. You learn the Art all your life. An artist is inspired every day by everything he sees around him. He has an artistic vision that helps him realize his concept. Hopefully I bring our family business to an international level through a different perspective. I also want to explore different forms and styles of art in the future.

Isn’t it about time you had an art space to yourself?

Yes having art space is in my bucket list … Insha Allah soon … right now I’m taking small steps towards my vision … I want to explore different prime locations in Dubai to earn potential buyers, art lovers and art collectors, my artist family is therefore increasingly inspired and motivated to create happier works of art. This way we will have visibility which would also help us more when we have our own gallery.

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