Art as memory dominates the Egyptian general exhibition

The 42nd Annual General Exhibition of Egyptian Art is underway in Cairo under the title Art: Memory of the Nation.

The theme is illustrated by the Arabic calligraphy presented in many paintings and by the use of traditional materials, especially in ceramics, but also by recycled materials.

Ahmed Refaat Suleiman, the general curator of the exhibition, was keen to rule out the idea that the exhibition was reserved for established artists.

“This year, we have sought to confront these fallacies by inviting a number of young artists who had, years ago, distinguished experiences at the Salon de la jeunesse in order to exhibit their works in the activities of the Exhibition. general, ”he said.

The exhibition is hosted at the Palais des Arts in the grounds of the Opera. The six rooms contain more than 350 works in the fields of fine and visual arts, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, graphics, murals and installation art.

“The general exhibition is a mirror that reflects the situation of fine arts in Egypt, and through which one can discover what is new there and the developments at the heart of the fine arts movement in the world”, a Suleiman said.

Inaugurated on August 2 by Inès Abdel-Dayem, the Minister of Culture, and Khaled Sorour, head of the fine arts sector, in the presence of a large number of artists and fine art lovers, the exhibition will run until August 30.

“An artist has special eyes that allow him to constantly capture details and freely transform those views into visual and documentary memory using canvases and colors,” said Suleiman.

“While coordinating the works in the rooms, we made sure that the works representing different generations were adjacent to each other, in an attempt to create a state of artistic dialogue. “

Not an elite opportunity

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