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SRMG Announces New Headquarters in Riyadh’s King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD)

RIYADH: The Saudi Research & Media Group (SRMG) today announced its new headquarters in the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD), the new global center for business and commerce in the capital, Riyadh. The announcement of the new headquarters is part of the growth and expansion strategy announced by the Group last year, which aims to consolidate its leading position in the media sector in the region, to redefine the media landscape region and to support its efforts to become one of the world’s leading media groups. The move lays the foundation for a global creative media center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that brings together the most important media, technology and content companies.

The new state-of-the-art headquarters will enable the group to meet the aspirations of millions of readers, viewers and subscribers around the world every month. The new environment, which will include market-leading digital technologies and data capabilities, will enable the group to foster stronger integration and optimize synergies between the Group’s businesses and talents, and support development and digitization of its media platforms. It will also enable the Group to enter new areas such as events, conferences, exhibitions and book publishing, as well as support the Group’s research and survey capabilities.

The new headquarters will bring together under one roof the various media platforms and activities of the Group, including: “Asharq Al-Awsat”; Asharq network which brings together the magazines “Asharq News” and “Asharq Business with Bloomberg”, “Arab News”, “Independent Arabia”, “Argaam”, “Manga Arabia”, “Sayidaty” and “Hia”, as well as the professions of Group: SRMG Media, SRMG X and SRMG Think, ultimately resulting in the creation of a thriving creative media hub in the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD). The integration of the Group will also reinforce its position as a privileged media partner and will build on the success of its existing partnerships with leading institutions such as Bloomberg and The Independent.

The new headquarters in the capital, Riyadh, marks the start of the Group’s global expansion, including that of the Asharq network and its “Asharq News” and “Asharq Business with Bloomberg” platforms, with plans to establish several offices in Washington and Singapore, in addition to its current offices in London and Dubai. In addition, the Group will use high-end studio technologies with data-driven capabilities, including social media, podcasts and virtual reality studios, and introduce new content offerings such as cultural and scientific documentaries. , supporting the Group’s heritage as a trusted source of news and information.

Commenting on the announcement, SRMG Managing Director, Jomana Al-Rashid said, “Our vision for the new headquarters is to drive the creation of a global creative media hub at KAFD specifically and in the city of Riyadh. in general. The Group’s headquarters will attract creative talent and provide numerous career opportunities across more than 30 media platforms across all disciplines and fields, including content creation, journalism, production, directing, writing , event management and more. SRMG will also serve as an incubator for entrepreneurs by offering investment and strategy support, and will facilitate new business opportunities supported by the latest technologies in connectivity, communication and data analytics, ultimately leading to a significant positive impact on the Group mainly and the media sector in the broad sense”.

“The King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) is considered an architectural masterpiece, characterized by its service integration and central location, all of which are success factors in attracting top talent and producing a creative work,” Al-Rashid added.

Gautam Sashittal, CEO of King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD), said, “Establishing headquarters at KAFD for the largest regional media group is an important step in our development as a business and upscale lifestyle in the area. The presence of the new headquarters of the Saudi Research and Media Group will help enrich the business environment within KAFD, in addition to its contribution to attracting talent and stimulating growth and expansion. We welcome SRMG to KAFD; together we will support the future of the Kingdom as a knowledge and information-based economy.”

The King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) is expected to host the headquarters of many international companies and serve as the center of the Kingdom’s digital economy. SRMG’s new headquarters is located in the fourth district of KAFD and will consist of 10 floors to accommodate approximately 1,200 employees. The interior spaces of the new head office, into which the Group will gradually move, are designed to encourage cross-collaboration and offer an interactive work environment.

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