Antiques, accessories, upholstery and rugs at the AD Design Show 2021 virtual fair

The Carpet Cellar is known to always offer a myriad of pieces for all tastes. Whether classic, modern, transitional or kilims, this brand is equipped to adapt to the sensitivity of each. Apart from that, they also provide their buyers with certified antique rugs and reenactments! They also have various unique collections. ‘Contemporary’ is one of their collections that presents modern rugs but created with traditional techniques honored by time. “Treasures from the Orient” is a stunning exhibition of vintage historic rugs and kilims curated by founder Sheel Chandra. Particular attention is paid to each of their collections and their products. Such meticulous attention to detail and unique pieces can only be a dream come true for any buyer!

Recent lockdowns have amplified the need to renovate our interiors – we have spent over a year sequestering indoors and discovered the impact of space and the environment on our well-being. Whether it’s injecting well-placed pops of color or letting artistic pieces steal the show, find the best accessories that enhance your interiors with cheerful accents and meaningful objects by exploring our roundup of these. major brands at the virtual AD Design Show 2021.


Furniture and lighting are only complete when accompanied by the right home decor accessories that brighten up any space they adorn. Whether you are looking for a deep and luxurious armchair, a sculpture for the living room, or a bar cart to complement your cocktail party, Apartment9’s functional accessories will truly transform your home with thoughtful design and charming glamor. Every space has a story, of course, and the brand’s both contemporary and traditional styles are the perfect addition to the story of your beloved abode. Founded in 2005, the brand displays a universe of styles for organizing innovative and transformative spaces, with expertise in design, manufacturing, landscaping and retail and has also established international partnerships with industry leaders. industry such as Andrew Martin, Liberty and Lizzo.

Barovier & Toso

Often overlooked, lighting is one of the most important aspects of your home design. Never underestimate the transformative power of good lighting. Not only does it add to the overall feel of your space, but it also works in conjunction with your home decor, walls and furniture to transform your space into a harmonious combination of functionality and style. Creating a decadent space is as much about functionality as it is about overall design, and when it comes to practical luxury, Barovier & Toso are masters of lighting design with a rich Italian heritage. From crystalline glass and Venetian glass, to stunning chandeliers and mother-of-pearl glass, the brand’s ornate designs reveal decades of craftsmanship, experience and exemplary craftsmanship that combine ancient inspiration and modern iterations to create unique and illuminating lighting.


From unique pieces to fine silverware that starts the conversation, enhance your dinners with the popular cutlery from Christofle. If you want to enhance your dining space and improve its aesthetics as you would the rest of your interiors, the brand’s silver cutlery is the perfect choice. Since its inception in 1830, Paris-based Christofle has garnered unprecedented respect and admiration for its beautiful offerings that serve small details with great impact. Not only are they handcrafted using traditional techniques, but Christofle’s unique home accessories are embellished with a discreet vintage mark, which allows the date of its origins to be traced. Antique luxury at its best.


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