All about the pretender Daniel Bochicchio

Daniel Bochicchio appears in The Courtship, a reality show in which suitors court a woman according to the customs of Regency-era England.

On NBC The Courtship, which will be released tomorrow, Daniel Bochicchio is one of the contenders, and it’s time to share some facts about the future reality TV star. The series is a 13-episode dating show in which 16 men from America and England woo a woman, Nicole Remy, according to the customs of early 1800s Regency-era England. According to NBC, “Chivalry returns in this new dating show that puts a classic twist on modern romance.”

Described as the bachelorette meets Bridgerton, The Courtship transports contestants back in time in a show that forgoes modern encounters for the fairy tale of the traditional courtship. The show’s promo invites viewers to escape into a moment of honor, pageantry and scandal. The show was filmed for about two months last fall at Castle Howard in York, England, which is the same castle featured in the series, Bridgerton.


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The actors left behind their mobile phones and internet access to wear Regency-era clothing and take lessons in period dancing, horse-riding, archery and calligraphy. Instead of partying in a club, they attended masquerade balls. Rather than texting, the men wrote handwritten love notes for Nicole. Throughout the show, The CourtshipNicole’s men had to deal with Nicole’s court, which consisted of her father, Claude, her mother, Claire, her sister, Danie, and her best friend, Tessa. Each week, suitors would attend a farewell ball, where Nicole would eliminate someone by sending them in a horse-drawn carriage back to the modern world. Daniel is one of the suitors vying for Nicole’s affection on The Courtship. Here’s everything you need to know about him:

Age, hometown and family

Daniel is 31 years old and is from Staten Island, New York. He is 6 feet tall. His family consists of his mother, Nancy, father, David, and brother, David Jr. On his Instagram page, Daniel has posted many photos of his family, indicating how close he is to them. According to an interview with his hometown newspaper, the Staten Island Advanceregarding his participation in the Bridgerton-style The Courtship, Daniel said his family is extremely supportive. However, they thought he was “a little crazy at first to undertake a project of this magnitude.”

Education and career

Daniel majored in commerce at the College of Staten Island. He is now a real estate agent in New York, for Douglas Elliman, a Manhattan company. Daniel has also worked as a model (for the Wilhelmina agency) for eight years. He has a photography portfolio on the agency’s website.

How Daniel Was Chosen

In the same interview, Daniel said he was approached by someone from the cast. He said, “It intrigued me. And it’s a different kind of show than all the other dating shows and right up my alley and interesting for those pursuing a new adventure.” Daniel submitted his application and photo during Spring and Summer 2021. He participated in Zoom meetings before being cast. Daniel of the Bridgerton– The inspired show explained that many people applied. He made the cut and flew to England. They started shooting the show right after Daniel arrived, for about two months.

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Daniel’s experience with the show

During the show, Daniel wanted to stay true to himself. He said, “I was completely myself.” He then added with a smile, “Except for the fact that I wear a waistcoat, an evening jacket, high socks and special shoes indicating the period.” Daniel shared that the suitors received training in etiquette and took lessons in calligraphy, communication with notes, dance and archery. He said, “I came with my best foot forward. I had to try to get out.” Daniel of the Bridgerton-inspired series shared that the contestants had downtime, during which they were able to “gather and relax in an area inside the castle.”

Daniel’s Dating Style

In an interview with vanity loungeDaniel shared the relationship lessons he learned from the show, saying, “Just make yourself vulnerable and try to be less guarded.” Daniel agreed that social media and dating apps did not allow men to be as chivalrous as English customs of the Regency era. the Staten Island Advance revealed that he is a direct communicator who only pursues women he can see a real future with. When he does, he will make her feel like royalty. As the show’s tagline says, it was “a journey where the sweep is over and the yard is in.” Let’s hope Daniel has found his true love with Nicole and they can live happily ever after.

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The Courtship airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST. on NBC.

Sources: Staten Island Advance, Vanity Fair

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