Abstract artist holds first solo exhibition in Malaysia

After being featured in a multitude of local and international exhibitions for over a decade, Michelle Yap landed her first solo exhibition in Malaysia.

Themed “Altitude,” the show was a reflection of Yap’s relentless attitude towards his pursuit of art.

The 45-year-old abstract artist said his works were inspired by the belief that attitude determines altitude.

She aimed to bring to life inspirational and motivational messages sparked by her own daily experiences and interactions with others.

“For example, ‘Perfect Cut (2021)’ portrays the challenges I face as an artist who strives for perfection,” Yap explained.

“But there is no such thing as perfection and should not be seen as your limit.

“The message of this play is that there is bound to be an obstacle at every turn in life.

“Faced with an obstacle, some will choose to give up along the way and others will continue.

“For me, I believe that as long as you never give up, you’ll get there. The secret is to find your own fit.

Perfect Cut was one of 18 pieces featured in the two-day exhibit held in the last week of 2021.

She has partnered with the Aureo Gallery of US Artbank International for her exhibition at the Crescent, Pavilion Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

The US Artbank International Group is an investment holding company that strives to bring the best of fine art to the world and provide art investment opportunities to new and longtime collectors.

“We are proud to support Michelle Yap for her first solo exhibition here in Malaysia,” said Serena Chiam, Executive Director of US Artbank International.

“She has developed a style of expression that combines the modern and the traditional, which echoes our company’s mission to challenge, invigorate and push the boundaries of art.”

A graduate of the University of the Arts in London, Yap brought her own perspective to the abstract art scene and quickly established herself by exhibiting works of art in places such as New York, Chicago, Singapore and the China.

Yap is known for her iconic minimalist abstract pieces that feature thick brushstrokes that allude to Eastern Chinese calligraphy, creating unique works of art that connect modern and traditional elements.

His works of art have been collected by private collectors and hotels in the United States, China, Singapore, South Korea, United Kingdom and Malaysia.

“Most of my artistic inspiration comes from my struggles. I like to express my difficulties through art, ”said Yap.

“’Pulse of The Dragon (2021)’ is a piece I created when I struggled with teamwork.

“He’s talking about a drummer who hits the drums hard to help his team win the dragon boat race.

“The beats give the whole team momentum – row in tandem to reach the finish line together using the dragon’s pulse.”

Going forward, Yap shared that she will also be collaborating with Bentley Motors in a Chinese New Year 2022 video that showcases her artistic skills.

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