15 works of calligraphers within the Islamic Arts Festival

Sharjah 24: As part of the activities of the twenty-fourth session of the Islamic Arts Festival. “Gradations”, in cooperation with the Emirates Society for Fine Arts, Abdullah Al Owais, Chairman of Sharjah Culture Department, and Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al Qaseer, Department Director of Cultural Affairs Department and Festival Director, inaugurated the “Arabic Calligraphy and Ceramics” exhibition, at the Company’s headquarters, in the presence of a large number of artists and media professionals.
The exhibition “Arabic Calligraphy and Ceramics” accompanies the opening of the Islamic Arts Festival and celebrates the 50th National Day of the United Arab Emirates.

The exhibition included a variety of calligraphic works by 15 calligraphers from UAE and other Arab countries, namely Anas Fattohi, Hussam Abdel Wahab, Khalifa El Shimy and Dr. Abeer Issa, Dr. Fikri Al Najjar, Somaya Aziz , Abdul-Razzaq Al Mahmoud, Ali Al Zwailif, Muhammad Mukhtar Jaafar, Mahmoud Al-Sheikh, Mahmoud Diop, Maryam Al-Sahi, Muwaffaq Basal, Wissam Al Sayegh and Walid Al Shami.

The works included Arabic fonts which varied between Kufi, Diwani, Thuluth, Naskh, and other fonts. Lettering trainings with professional mastery and artistic adaptations of the Arabic letter were represented in Quranic verses, supplications and invocations.

Al Owais and Al Qaseer visited the exhibits which included notable works, during which calligraphers presented innovative modern ideas that emphasized the beauty and vitality of the Arabic letter with its roundness and characteristics.

It should be noted that the Emirates Fine Arts Society will organize 4 calligraphy workshops as part of the activities of the Islamic Arts Festival, simulating the slogan of the 24th session “gradations”, under the titles: “gradations of colors” by calligrapher Abdul Rahim Salem, “Gradations of Arabic Calligraphy” by calligrapher Muhammad Mukhtar Jaafar, “Gradations in Stereoscopic Techniques” by calligrapher Bassem Al Sayer, and “Gradations in the use of Mix Media” by Hoda Saeed Seif.

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